The Children

Witnessing abuse of any kind will affect children for the rest of their lives.

Abuse of a mother is the Abuse of Children

“If you care about your kids, you don’t abuse their mother. If you care about your kids, you can tell that abusing their mother is horrible.” Lundy Bancroft

Intimate partner violence is not just a violent act against a caregiver – it should be considered a direct risk to a child’s health.

Intimate partner violence often precedes child maltreatment and identification of the former may prevent the latter.

  • Undermine the mother and teach the children to do the same
  • Include children in legal testimonials/proceedings
  • Threaten to kill or take children away or commit familicide
  • Brainwash the children to believe the abuser’s altered reality
  • Alienate the child from the mother
  • Even though they had little to nothing to do with the children beforehand
  • They are able to hire more expensive attorneys
  • Their manipulative tactics are very effective even in the courtroom
  • To further hurt their spouse, in turn hurting the children
  • In order to not pay child support to the spouse