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Alienation is Child Abuse

  • Parental Alienation is one of the most heart wrenching and cruel forms of domestic abuse by proxy in which an alienating parent uses a child to reject a loving, targeted parent to perpetuate abuse after the relationship is over.
  • Parental alienation is a form of psychological abuse, which occurs when one parent or person systematically removes a parent from a child’s life by way of coaching and convincing the child to unjustifiably reject their parent. In most cases, a previously healthy loving relationship between the child and their parent and/or family is destroyed, leading to severe emotional and psychological damage to the child.
  • Parental Alienation/child psychological abuse is the most prevalent form of abuse and is as harmful as sexual abuse. (APA 2016)

Not only does the mother have to suffer the unbearable grief of losing her children, she has to bear the grief of her children losing their mother.

“Parental alienation involves a set of behaviors that one parent does to damage, destroy, or sever the relationship between their children and the other parent. These behaviors range widely in their severity and include things such as bad-mouthing the other parent to the child and making that child afraid to be with that parent.”

  • Influencing child to disrespect targeted parent
  • Limiting contact with targeted parent
  • Making false allegations
  • Belittling targeted parent
emotional abuse

An alienating parent uses coercive control, manipulation and exploitation of a child by terrorizing them with false allegations about a targeted parent which becomes their new reality.  The intentional infliction of emotional harm to a fit and available parent becomes a revenge obsession, causing willful disregard to the mental health of the child*



Isolation is when an alienating parent deliberately sabotages the relationship between the child and the targeted parent by refusing to allow visits, calls, gifts or any form of healthy communication, without any cause, evidence of abuse, unfitness, neglect or merit. An abuser will use their own children as a weapon to inflict emotional trauma onto the targeted parent by severing all contact between them and using the courts to endorse and condone the behavior*


Life-long Effects

Parental alienation tactics reinvents the past for a child and creates confusion and a distorted sense of reality of themselves and their ability to trust and accurately judge others. Parental alienation damages the parent/child relationship causing life long effects to both the child and the targeted parent, sometimes resulting in suicidal ideation or suicide itself*



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